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What are malware and phishing?

The internet is an incredible tool and resource that is important to use, but there are many unsavoury aspects of being online that you should be aware of. In this A1 Computer Solutions blog we’ll look at two common and problematic elements that you need to stay alert for.

Malware is a piece of software that you did not intend to download that is malicious to your system. It can be used to control your computer remotely, for instance. Malware can spread almost organically and is a critical reason why you should have internet security to either help you avoid malware or to delete it the moment you accidentally install it. Malware can happen to you unknowingly, so it is best to be aware of the risk and browse online with caution, making sure you download software only from sources you know and trust.

In addition to the scheme of malware is the scam of phishing. Phishing is an attack that attempts to steal your personal details, such as social media log-in information. Often phishing takes the form of an email purporting to be from a bank or institution requesting login details or other important personal information. It is good practice not to respond to emails with such information, even if they seem quite plausible. In the above example of a phishing email, the criminal sent an email, designed to look like it comes from Apple, encouraging users to click on a link to a login page. Needless to say, the “login page” is not the bonifide Apple page, but a page designed to capture the users login details. One way to avoid phishing is by using different passwords for different things, especially your bank account, which is the ultimate aim of a phishing attack – to steal your money. Why not browse our range of security software today? A1 Computer Solutions Malware Removal Battersea, South London

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