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The importance of general software updates and patches

When using a computer you may notice that your operating system or certain pieces of installed software request that you allow an update or patch to download. Often people are unsure as to why this is happening, they may even doubt the credibility or necessity of updating or patching the aforementioned software. However there are a multitude of important reasons as to why you definitely should download and install updates on software you know and trust.

For example updating your operating system is a must to keep you ahead of the hackers, cyber-criminals and other nefarious people online. It is important to remember that new hacks or malicious software (malware) is being developed all the time, thus if you do not update your operating system, eventually loop-holes and breaches are found in that system and this allows subterfuge to occur to your computer. Updates and patches are intended to close these loop-holes before the hackers can even find them, let alone use them.

In addition to this, updating software when possible may mean fixes to less worrying problems, such as bugs in the software which may adversely affect the program or even your computer’s performance. In short, you should always update your trusted software and operating system where possible. Furthermore, running an old or out of date operating system may spell trouble in the future. Here at A1 Computer Solutions we have a selection of the latest operating systems and security software for you to buy, guaranteeing your computer safety.

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